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Global Shipping

We have locations in Eastern & Western USA and Western Canada for your shipping needs. If you are in Canada or the USA you are already covered. If you are outside the USA/Canada please read below.

We specialize in shipping auto parts OVERSEAS on large or small orders. The more you order the more you save on the shipping overall.

We have shipped to locations such as Dubai, Germany, Europe, Japan or even Australia.

We can ship our parts anywhere on this planet !

How does it work ?
We make the process very simple by shipping all the parts you require to 1 location in North America then off to your location. Meaning if we have parts in several locations either in our USA or Canada warehouses or parts that might ship direct from our suppliers, instead of shipping single orders to you at very high shipping rates we will combine all your boxes into 1 large shipment and you pay only 1 rate. In most cases this will be to your nearest airport. We will provide you with a single invoice so you can show customs on your end what is in the boxes to pay your duty's and taxes.

What if I have found parts from other company's or websites and I can not find the part on your Can you ship those for me too ?
YES. We can ship those too. We will need a list from you including all part numbers and where you have found the parts. Please provide direct links to the online item or items. If we do not already have options to get those parts we will charge you a fair 10% surcharge on the value of the item and order it for you from that company to ship together with the parts you are ordering from This will save hundreds of dollars on multiple shipping charges, it will also save you the international fee's and hassle of dealing with payments with multiple companies, as well as most companies in the USA will not ship outside USA. We are a 1 stop shop for your shipping needs.

I want to order just 1 or 2 small items. What is my best option ?
If you are ordering a few small items the best deal on shipping you will find and the best option for future orders on just about anything from North Amerian is to set up an account with a small to medium box freight forward. We recommend ARAMEX.COM
You will need to first set up an account with them. They will give you a box or refference number with a New York, USA shipping address. We ship to them at our standard USA shipping rates, normally for free on small items. They will then ship to you at the cost that you plan with them. Its just like having a PO box in the USA.

Please note for large overseas shipments direct from our location to you:
Orders must be over $1000 to qualify for International Bulk Shipping
Smaller orders or single part orders will ship via UPS or FedEx at the standard shipping rates or please use a freight forward service like

Please include your parts list with part numbers. And your contact email address. We will reply back within 24 hours Monday-Friday

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